Why Hurt When You Can Love?

In honor of sexual harassment month (Yes that's actually a thing) I thought I'd touch on a relatively close topic to this month's situation of awareness. Domestic abuse seems to be a taboo topic that friends and families choose to hardly speak up about. Did you know, every 9 seconds a woman in the U.S. is being... Continue Reading →



Why is that whenever we come to the end of an era, we are constantly rushing to find what's the next big thing? We never sit down and reflect on what we've invested so much time and energy into. Moments gained, experiences and stories shared, meeting new people, and ceasing new opportunities that you never could have imagined there were... Continue Reading →

Best Friends or Worst Enemies

College seems to be the most conflicting point of your life you could ever allow yourself to enter. Placing yourself in a four year institution where you're forced to sit in class, interact with other people probably going through the same struggles as yourself, all while attempting to confirm if the grass is still greener on... Continue Reading →

Millennials Entering the Music Industry

It seems like for the past decade in this digital era we all call our society, millenials have been more prone to pursue a music career as opposed to the settled 9-5. These musically driven individuals typically start by meeting up with a local producer. And if they don't know any, they purchase their own subpar equipment and take matters into their own... Continue Reading →

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