Best Friends or Worst Enemies

College seems to be the most conflicting point of your life you could ever allow yourself to enter. Placing yourself in a four year institution where you’re forced to sit in class, interact with other people probably going through the same struggles as yourself, all while attempting to confirm if the grass is still greener on the other side.

I was talking to a couple of friends recently, and spring semester seems to be the reigning route of all evil. Conflictingly, this semester’s brought the best, and the worst out of everyone I know, including myself. We are only 18-22 year old’s still trying to figure out how to balance it all, swinging in this playground we call reality. Suspending back and forth, trying to comprehend and mimic the rhythm that makes us feel most comfortable.

I tend to dwell on the future more than the average person, but I make myself believe it’s okay. I won’t settle for less, I won’t diminish my name, I won’t let credit not go where it’s due. I payed my dues. My mom’s biggest dream was to see her kids actually get a degree, and not to dwell on the cliche sob story of being a first generation black student, but what a title that is. The blockades and tests that linger throughout the road I take, will inevitably be my best friend and worst enemy. Because you teach me so much, but leave me, incredibly.

My best friend or my worst enemy.


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