After a week of letting the controversial commercial settle in the media and the SNL remake, Pepsi has officially been declared the most problematic marketing team known to man. The commercial begins with a violinist on a roof top playing a song. Highlighting different cultures and ethnicities all throughout the two and a half minute advertisement. The commercial later transitions to a crowd that seems to be protesting, featuring a sign that says ‘Join The Conversation,’ similar to other protests currently going on around the world like #BlackLivesMatter & the #MuslimBan. Other signs are also included like the peace protest.

The commercial fast forwards to Kendall Jenner, typically a brunette woman, in a blonde wig posing for another one of her editorials as the protest continues in the background, which seems to catch Jenner’s eye. An asian man pops up in the video, as well as other minorities promoting the pepsi cans, while protesting and peacefully expressing themselves through the vital violin and dancing. The asian man specifically notices Jenner and tells her to come to the protest. She takes off the blonde wig, escaping the privileged persona Pepsi portrayed in this particular scene and grabs a can of the soda. Jenner walks up to the hundreds of cops lined up to stop the protest and gives them a can, ending the commercial in a triumphant cheer that Kendall had put an end to the protest.

Now I bet you’re wondering, what makes Pepsi so problematic about this? Well small minded individual, in comparison to other crucial issues going on around the world, Pepsi took the initiative to take a privileged woman who barely worked her way into the modeling industry, #NoShade, to solve social justice issues with an independent organization’s soda can.

It becomes almost disrespectful, to the thousands of minorities who have been slaughtered, bashed and killed for simply advocating for what they believe to be right. Not to say Kendall Jenner knew what she was getting herself into, but don’t celebrities read scripts before they sign these type of contracts? Pepsi knew exactly what they were doing when they took one of the most privileged celebrities in the industry and threw her in a commercial for a hefty check, to attempt to solve social justice issues with a soda can. Socialites and viewers are also quite upset at the fact that, the scene where Jenner is handing the Pepsi looks quite similar to the woman who was killed in Chicago for approaching the cops, unarmed.

Source says, “Kendall Jenner is not happy about the backlash” and “Kendall loves modeling.” Well Kendall, if you love modeling so much, next time make sure you mom-ager doesn’t throw you under the bus for a check!


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