The NFL’s Repeated Tragic Loss: Aaron Hernandez

On April 17, 2017 Aaron Hernandez former NFL player was found dead in his prison cell in Shirley, Massachusetts. The football player’s autopsy was declared to be a tragic suicide, hanging himself by a bed sheet attached to his windowsill. Hernandez was in the process of serving a life-time sentence of consistent accusations, followed by being found guilty a particular murder. On June 17, 2013 the football player’s finance’s sister’s boyfriend was found shot in a park, less than a mile away from Hernandez’s home. A week and a half later he was released from the patriots and convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to prison with a possibility of no parole.

Less than a year later, Hernandez was charged with two more crimes of murder from previous murders in July 2012 at a Boston Night Club drive by shooting. Although the football player was found not guilty of the murders, he was convicted of illegal possession of fire arm at the time of the crime.

Hernandez was born and raised where he began his football career in Bristol, Connecticut. Later in life going pro at the University of Florida, being a crucial facet to their 2008 Championship.


Social media users are taking the initiative to express their distaste for the football player, due to all the accusations of the continuous murders. Regardless of the truth of the accusations, society lost someone to such a taboo topic, suicide. Is it socially acceptable to show condolences to someone who lost their life, the same way they reputation was now known for? This is not the first time that murderers have ever ended their own life, but it’s hitting home particularly to football fans, and people who looked to him as such a public figure before his career spiraled out of control, and personal vendettas hit the fan.

Celebrities, friends and family are sharing their condolences for the tragic loss of the NFL player through social media. Hernandez left behind his family, four year old daughter as well as the wife of his child. His football legacy will continue to live on.

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